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Choose to Live Your Life in Abundance in the after--- after the spouse dies, after the marriage ends, after the kids leave. Join me on my journey of CHOOSING LIFE in my after. This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live- Deut 30:19

February 07, 2020

Camouflage-- How to Hide the Tummy

Camouflage- n- a device or stratagem used for concealment

I'm talking about my strategy for concealing my midsection which unfortunately has grown dramatically in the past couple of years!!

I've shared before that I've gained quite a bit of weight in the last few years. My body has been going through some major changes. I'm working on getting things to even out, and I hope that my weight follows suit!! Until then, I plan on continuing to live my life to the fullest. I'll still go to workout in my tights!! I 'll still wear a swimsuit to the beach!! I'm Fat, not DEAD!!! (OK, I'm joking, sort of!!)

So in the meantime, I try to hide the bulge that I despise!!! I went to brunch with Dr. T the other day and wore a "uniform" that seems to be my go-to way of dressing!! BLACK.

I LOVE to wear black! I have more black in my closet than all the other colors put together. Black is a staple in my wardrobe. I guess it's because my favorite all-time look is...

This is a perfect, classic look. It will never go out of style!
Here are some ways that I recreate this look and camouflage my middle at the same time.

I have had these leggings from Eddy Bauer for years. I found a similar pair on their website HERE.

The black silhouette hides pretty much everything under this cute vest from Old Navy.  I bought several vests from Old Navy this year. I love this look, but I also love layering. These vests are warm.

Another way I like to wear this look is to add a denim jacket.

I have owned several denim jackets over the years. This one is one of my favorites. I love that it has a vintage look to it. I bought it at Zara. (Remember that time the credit card machine wasn't working at Zara, and I had to ask my husband to pay cash for all my clothes?? YIKES!!! If you don't know that story, you can read it HERE.)

And finally, I love this black on black on black look too!!

I love this coat from Zara so much, I also bought the camel color. It is a perfect weight for those not too cold days!

So, there you have it. My favorite look. Black leggings, a black top and some sort of vest or jacket to hide my middle is pretty much how I dress most days, these days!!

I have to give a huge Shout Out to my husband, Dr. T!! He always makes me laugh when I ask him to take my pictures. I reminded him after this that he can now add "photographer" to his resume'. Who knows-- someone out there might need a physicist/photographer someday, Right??
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