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Choose to Live Your Life in Abundance in the after--- after the spouse dies, after the marriage ends, after the kids leave. Join me on my journey of CHOOSING LIFE in my after. This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live- Deut 30:19

January 06, 2020

My Word for 2020 and My 2020 Vision

Happy New Year!! We were still in Vacay mode until this morning. My new year/ new you started today. I got up at 6 to get my bible study done!! Not having a specific time for study and reflection was one of my worst failings last year. I knew I had to do something about it this year. I like to get up semi-early in the morning. Most mornings I was up between 6:30 and 7 anyway. Getting up at 6 is really not any big deal!! So today was the 1st of what I hope is 6:00 a.m. bible study and quiet time!!!

I started picking a word or phrase to be my "word of the year" at least 10 years ago. I did it with a friend with whom I worked. We would let each other know our word or phrase and keep each other updated on how it was affecting our lives-- we usually discussed this over a great cup of coffee!!

All of those years, my phrase for each year never changed. Especially after my first husband died, I had to have this phrase in my life "still waters." I got the idea from one of Beth Moore's associates at Living Proof Ministries. I read a blog post that one of the young women who works for her wrote. She wrote about being out on a ranch in Texas and looking out over a tank where the water was very still. She could see the reflection of everything around that tank. She likened that to our lives. If I wanted my life to reflect Jesus, my "waters" have to be still. My life had to be still enough for Him to shine through!! That's what I wanted and needed in my life.

For the first time in all of these years, I've picked a different word. Wow!! I'm actually growing in my journey! This word came to me back in August when I went to a creativity conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. One of the speakers was talking about writing, and she said you have to always remember that if you want to write, and possibly publish something that you've written, you have to SHOW UP and write. You have to SHOW UP to your ideas. You have to SHOW UP at your computer. That concept really stayed with me.

Later, the word/phrase SHOW UP was used by my pastor and my pastor's wife the day I was interviewed about grief for my church- neither of them knowing that I was going to use that phrase in an interview I was doing on a Sunday morning.

Show Up!! What a concept!!

What's your 2020 Vision?

I am going to use 2020 as a catalyst to start some positive behaviors for the rest of my life. What am I waiting for? My 2nd half is going to be full of good things because I'm going to work for those things!!! Each month I plan on concentrating on one behavior/ habit/ goal that is part of my 2020 Vision for the rest of my life.

I have 12 things, but if you have something that is really on your mind that you think would be good, I can make my topic more general and possibly add it to my list. January is to focus on my body- health, skin, exercise, diet, etc. These are not in any specific order, but I thought since I have some pounds to drop my body is a good place to start!!

I have heard from several of you lately, and I love it!!! My email is if you ever want to drop me a line!!! It makes my day to hear from you!!!

So, how about you? How are you planning on showing up in your life? I'd love to hear!!

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