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January 13, 2020

Appliances - Christmas Gift Recap

Appliances seemed to be the theme for Christmas this year!! I guess Dr. T and I were really good because we got some really cool appliances from the kids!

I have told my kids that we really don't need anything from them for Christmas or birthdays. I love what Jackie Kennedy Onasis requested from her grandkids instead of gifts- a poem. I've told my kids that if they give me words (in any form) that is all the gift I need!!

Words did not happen this year. We received some great appliances to definitely add to the quality of our life!!  I love all of the gifts that we got so much, I decided to share!!

First, we bought this for ourselves. A robovac. I had been thinking about it, and as we were researching these vacuums to give as a gift to someone else, we found one that we felt would work great for us without breaking the bank!! The best feature of this one is that it senses the stairs and won't go over them!! We opted for one that was random that we could just sit down and use anywhere. Some of the really nice ones have laser navigation. We just didn't think we really needed all of that. Our house is split level, so I want to be able to set it downstairs and not worry about it.

Merry Christmas to us!!! Why didn't we get one sooner?!!

I think this ad is showing over $200.00. The price is closer to $150.00.
As an Amazon Affiliate, I make money off of qualifying purchases if you buy from any of my ads.

As you can see from this video, there are sensors, so it avoids our stairs. This feature is the main reason that we got this one.

I realize we are a bit late to the party as far as these vacuums go, but in case you are like us and don't know it, they head back to their dock for recharging as soon as their battery gets low.

Using this vacuum has become our  (almost) nightly routine. We get dinner eaten, get any chores done that need to be done for the night, and right before we head downstairs to watch TV, we turn on Hazel. She vacuums all of the upstairs areas that we want her to. We just shut the door to rooms we don't want her to go into.

Yes, we named her. I wanted Mr. French (from Family Affair), but Dr. T won with Hazel!!

We were given a great outdoor heater as one of our gifts!! It didn't take long to assemble. One of my favorite things to do is sit outside and especially eat al fresco!! This heater will undoubtedly help with our outdoor living!!

As an Amazon Affiliate, I may make money if you buy from one of the links I share.

Even though we live in the mountains of northern New Mexico, we can still sit outside sometimes in the winter. This is an excellent addition to our deck!!

And, we were also given an Air Fryer/ Toaster Oven!! I feel like I've been to an Oprah great giveaways, "Everybody gets an Air Fryer!!!"

I have wanted one of these!! I'm looking online for all of the great things I make with it. I've heard from friends who are watching carbs that they put the cauliflower tater tots in one of these, and cannot tell they aren't real tots. That alone sold me. My daughter sent me a video the other day on cooking bacon in one!!! Another win!!!

This one looks great with all our other stainless steel appliances. I love that it is also a regular toaster oven as well!!

And, one last thing that I got, and now I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to use/ wear it, is a new band for my Apple watch. Did you know that Amazon has a shop like Etsy? It's "handmade" on the search tab. I love my Apple watch, but the band is for workouts because my watch is what I like to use to track workouts and runs! That workout band does not look good when I go out to dinner or to something nice, so I wanted to find a band I could use. Enter this!!
This is repurposed from real Louis Vuitton material. You can search by any designer. I found Burberry (which I love) and Gucci!!

I picked out the Monogram LV pattern as my gift from Dr. T. He swears he never knows what to get me, so I usually pick what I want, and in this case, I order it!!! The traditional monogram design seems to be out at the moment.

I love this watch band. My only issue is that now I'm not sure how I'm going to use it. I've been afraid to change out the band frequently because I certainly don't want to lose my watch. I'm worried the more that I change out the band, the greater the chance I'll have of losing the watch. What do most people do? Do I just workout in my LV band??? What a problem to have. If this is the worst problem of the week, I'm one lucky person!!!

But I would love to hear how all of you handle this!!!

There you have it... I highly recommend all of these items. We had such a great Christmas, and these gifts had nothing to do with it!!! But, they sure were nice to receive!!!

We opened our gifts in our matching PJs!! It was so much fun to get comfy at night or get up in the morning and see everyone (well, almost everyone) wearing our family PJs!!! It warmed my heart!! I highly recommend doing it for fun.
I found ours at Macy's after much looking!! I didn't give over $25 a set!!

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