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August 02, 2019

What I Wore-Fanny Packs- Fashion Friday

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If you wait around long enough fashion recycles itself, and what you have kept over the years comes back in style again. My mother always says, "If you wore it the first time around, you are too old to wear it the second time around."

However, I believe that there is one accessory that is different and doesn't apply to my mother's rule---
Enter- the fanny pack.

If you have ever run with me, you know that I always run with a fanny pack. Some of you (who shall remain nameless) have made fun of me for it!! But, I'm getting the last laugh!! The fanny pack is back. From high-end retailers to Amazon, you can find a fanny pack to fit your lifestyle and be "stylin" while you do it. 

I actually have a great fanny pack that I've had for years. I've run with many different fanny packs over the years, but this is one that has remained in great shape and is a great size! Thank you, Ralph Lauren!!!

This has been the best pack!! I can't even begin to tell you how long I've had it. Maybe 15 years. I just couldn't ever bring myself to get rid of it. I'm so glad I kept it!! I use it now most of the time when I go out running!!

My love of fanny packs may be traced back to my late husband! He always wore a fanny pack on trips- especially ski trips. The great thing about R is he absolutely didn't care what people thought of him. So if someone thought he looked silly wearing one, that was their problem- not his. Plus, the kids always knew if they needed something, their dad would surely have it in that fanny pack!!!

His brown fanny pack- and always on ski trips his container of peppermint schnapps!!

His black fanny pack on a trip to Mexico!!
Wow! These pictures sure make me miss him!!

My daughter recently purchased a designer fanny pack-- now, most commonly called belt bags! I asked if I could use her beautiful belt bag for this post. (As per my kids' request, I cannot talk about them on this blog without their permission).
Here it is! 

This one can be found here. Awww- to be young and single!!!

My beautiful daughter! This is how many women are wearing these bags this second time around!!
Just for fun, I'm adding another picture my daughter sent. She's quite into Gucci right now... She likes my shadow pictures that I take when I'm out running and post on my Instagram account, so she sends me her "shadow pictures" quite often.
She bought the Gucci loafer in black several years ago. They have been her favorite shoes. She recently bought them in red!! What a statement piece!!

In addition to her beautiful belt bag, I'm sharing some of my favorites from designer to easily affordable!!

I'll start with my favorite by Burberry! There is just something about the Burberry plaid that I can't get enough of. I always see what Burberry has when I'm looking to buy!! They are one of my favorite brands!! I have to admit, this one is tempting me!!

I love that is one is like a small purse.

So cute!!!

And the rest!!

This is one of my favorites because it has a Chanel look to it, but I bought it at Amazon. It has been on every trip I've taken this year!!!

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I've ended mostly carrying it as a cross-body purse, but the fact that I can wear it as a belt bag adds to its appeal!!

Here it is sitting on the table at Sardis where we ate right after seeing To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway!! 

I carried it all over Orlando!!

I love this one because of the vintage look it has. I also love the gold chain! It can be purchased here.

From Saks.

I also bought this belt bag at Amazon. I like it because it's nylon. I haven't used it as much as I have the other one from Amazon. 

Here are a few of my other Amazon favorites!!

I love that this one is waterproof!!

Clear and Stadium approved for the world we live in today!! It would be great to just have this one on hand. You never know when you will need one!!

Another designer look. I love this one. The gold chain for cross-body wear makes it a must!!

I love the vintage look of this one!! Makes me feel like I've stepped into the '70s!!

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8 comments on "What I Wore-Fanny Packs- Fashion Friday"
  1. Love the Gucci fanny pack, my daughter wears her fanny pack the same way. ha ha. I have been to Sardi's in NYC. So cool there, and fun! Great post.

    1. I love the Gucci too. I guess how they wear it is an age thing!! If I had a really nice one, I might wear it as a sling too!! Thanks for reading!!

  2. I only wear fanny packs while traveling or used to go to a concert (that's a while back) . Otherwise I change between a smaller purse for trips without the car and a big one (that's almost empty but seems to be the style) when I go somewhere in my car. Funny how that works out :)

  3. I usually carry a small cross body purse in my big purse or bag when I travel!!! Thanks for reading!!

  4. So many fanny pack memories! None as fashionable as yours. I may have to jump on the new bandwagon!

  5. I didn't like fanny packs when they were in years ago, but the ones you have posted here I could see myself wearing. LOL Weird how our taste changes. Cute shadow pic from your daughter<3
    Visiting from The Midlife Blogging Community

    1. My tastes have definitely changed as I've aged!! Thanks for reading!!