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July 16, 2019

A Night At The Opera- Cosi Fan Tutte

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We were invited to the Santa Fe Opera by some friends from our church. I was so excited to go because I love live productions and had never been to an Opera. I'd also read about how much fun and how "fancy" tailgating before the Santa Fe Opera can be. I couldn't wait to get there.

Our hosts organized the menu, and the group of about 20 signed up for what they wanted to bring.

The tables were quickly set up when we all got there and setting the tables began. I wish I had gotten pictures of the main course and desserts, but again, I was living in the moment. All the food was delicious! I made a charcuterie board for the appetizer course.

It was lovely to eat and visit under the beautiful New Mexico sky. What a view we had!!


Unfortunately, gray clouds and rain started moving in. I think Dr. T knew I wouldn't want to get caught out in a downpour, and he helped quickly put the tables away, which cut our time outdoors short. We did get some beautiful pictures of the rain moving in and a glimpse of a gorgeous rainbow. 

My friend who invited me.

I had several compliments on my dress!! It can be found here

What a beautiful venue. 

This is how the stage was set for the entire production- no set. 

The opera we saw was Cosi Fan Tutte by Mozart. It was a funny performance. Some in our group were a bit disappointed because of this particular interpretation. I know nothing about opera so please forgive me if I use some terminology that isn't correct with my opinion. 

First of all, there were no sets. Not a lamp, not a stool-- nothing.  This was a disappointment to some because they are used to some of the elaborate sets, and marvel at the creativity of how the sets are used. 

Secondly, the costumes were a bit unique!! The first character to walk on stage is Don Alfonso. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was not expecting a cowboy. Next, we meet, Guglielmo and Ferrando also dressed all in white.

When we meet the two, young women, they look a bit like sorority girls headed out in matching tennis outfits. 

Is Absurdist Opera a term? 

The character of Despina is the only one who seems to be dressed the least bit like I was expecting- always in dresses. 

The title Cossi Fan Tutte roughly translates, "all women are alike." Meaning that they will all be unfaithful. The plot is funny. The lack of set or elaborate costumes puts pressure on the performers to outdo each previous scene. None of these performers disappointed!! They were fabulous!! The character of Despina stole the show!!

So my take away as an opera newbie is that last Saturday night, I was privileged to get to see a performance by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart first performed in 1790. Wow!! Every time one goes to a live performance, it will be different. I don't compare the Broadway shows that I've been to see. Each stands on its own merit. Each one is a separate and unique experience. This was definitely a unique experience. I will value this interpretation with an open mind and am already reliving it!!

Dr. T and I had a great conversation on the drive home about what we thought different aspects of the production meant. We are still unsure about the pouring of liquid out of what looked to be liquor bottles onto the four main characters towards the end of the opera--some sort of baptism perhaps? 

I guess we will just have to continue to relive and discuss Cosi Fan Tutte. Isn't that what any art form is meant to invoke-- thought and discussion? If that is the case, Cosi Fan Tutte is a hit.

Our group!! It's always nice to meet new people!

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