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May 03, 2019

A Funny Thing Happened On My Zara Shopping Spree!! or A Wife's Worst Nightmare!!

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"Funny Thing" or "Nightmare"

Dr. T and I stayed a couple of days in Texas after my son's wedding. We had some things to do at the house and also wanted to help care for the dogs while my son and WONDERFUL, new DIL were on their honeymoon. I told him beforehand that I really wanted to go to San Antonio for a nice dinner while we were there. We just don't have many great places to eat out where we live, and I miss it so much!! I also had an ulterior motive---- I really wanted to peak in Zara at the La Cantera shopping center. Great shopping is also something I miss so much where I live now.

Dr. T is always pretty good at doing whatever I want-- I'm so lucky!!! So off we went. He has a couple of conferences this summer that I'd like some new things for, and I hadn't been shopping in a very long time so going to Zara was so much fun!!

If you aren't familiar with Zara, it is a Spanish clothing store selling women's and men's clothing. Their prices aren't outrageous, and the clothes are different and really cute!! They also have a home store. The only way to shop at Zara Home is online. The only brick and mortar stores I've seen have been in Europe. They also have kids' adorable clothes- Zara Kids

I went a little crazy and was planning on using my credit card and paying it when the bill came. I do have my own money!!! When I went up to pay, I was informed that they were having a problem with their credit card machine and only a small amount could be charged. The rest would need to be paid in cash!! Talk about a wife's worst nightmare!!! Dr. T had been waiting in the beautiful sitting area outside the store but was walking in to find me right as I was walking out to get him.  I told him my dilemma, and he said he had the cash. My night in shining armor rescued me!! AND- he didn't say a word about the amount!! He did raise his eyebrows, and that was it!!! haha

We then had a great meal and conversation which is one of my most favorite things right now!!!

I thought I'd share my favorites from Zara: I have a "thing" for black. I guess I was born to live in NYC!!

Found Here. I love this dress. No, I won't wear it with pants and tennis shoes!!

Found Here. I love this!!! I don't plan on wearing it as a dress, but I hope to wear it over leggings!

Found Here. This just screamed Santa Fe to me so I had to get it!!

Found Here. Unfortunately, I didn't see these! But I did buy some other joggers. I think I'll order these-- so cute!

Found Here. I bought this in red and black. I wore the red dress on Easter Sunday with my French Poppy Scarf. I won't wear it with pants as shown here. It's a great dress that hides a lot!!

Found Here. Living in South Texas all those years, I never understood jackets for summer. The rest of the country understands! Living in the mountains means jackets in the evening. I'm not complaining!! I love this one. You can't beat a good denim jacket!!

Found Here. This is my favorite!! It will be perfect for Dr. T's two conferences this summer. 
Love this peasant top!! Found Here

I wore this to my bible study this morning. I don't need to know who wore it better!! I love it though!!
So what do you think, was it a "funny thing" or a "nightmare" to have my husband see how much I spent on clothes? 

Do you like to shop at Zara? What do you think of it?
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