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Choose to Live Your Life in Abundance in the after--- after the spouse dies, after the marriage ends, after the kids leave. Join me on my journey of CHOOSING LIFE in my after. This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live- Deut 30:19

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October 04, 2019

What I Wore- Fringe

I'm loving the cooler weather and the good vibrations it brings to my life!! Why does it always feel good when you start wearing clothes for a new season. I guess it's that "new beginning" feeling no matter where you get it!!

I bought this fringe jacket from Zara when I was back in Texas about a month ago. I love it!!!

You are also getting a sneak peek at our new bookshelves. They weren't completely finished in these pictures!! 

A similar jacket can be found HERE.

Getting these books out of boxes after several years of storage has been like being reunited with old friends!! I've loved looking through some of my favorites.

Remember Simple Abundance? Oprah made it popular years ago. I've had it all these years and return to it so often!! It can be ordered HERE

 I love that this jacket is lightweight and covers what I prefer to have covered!!

How about you...Do you have any books that you return to over and over? I have many!!

This vest is very similar to my jacket and can be purchased in black. It can be found HERE.

October 02, 2019

Peak Of The Week- 10-2-19

I let a friend talk me into signing up for a race in the Big Bend area of Texas for next January. She wanted me to run the 20K with her, but I told her I just can't train for that many miles in the winter here!! Lucky for me, she's such a great friend, she agreed to do the 10K. I can handle that!

The great thing about it besides getting to spend a weekend with her and her husband in this area of Texas (I've never been) is that it will force me to get out and run!! I have a goal again, and it feels really good. So-- that is the only thing that got me out the door this morning!! I'm so glad it did!! It was a beautiful, breezy morning here in the mountains of New Mexico. Is it OK that I often refer to them as "my mountains"? Many of my friends here have heard how these mountains helped me heal from tragedy!! I feel like they are my mountains- God placed them here just for me!!!

Happy Wednesday-- The Peak of the Week!! Here are some things piquing my interest this week- along with some recent pictures!!

This is a Chamisa plant. It is blooming all over northern New Mexico right now. It's lovely!!!

Lee Radziwill's Collection At Christie's- I love to see how others live!! I love to go on home tours. I love to see online homes decorated for the seasons. I love to read biographies and memoirs. This article showing some of what will be auctioned from Lee Radziwill's estate caught my eye. Radziwill was the sister of Jackie O. I can't get enough!!!

I'll keep you updated on these leave along my running route!! It's amazing how much the color changes overnight!!

Stages of Dementia- I have shared Dr. Chua before. I love following him on Facebook. This article is a simple look at the stages of dementia.

Company Creates First Alternative For Human Remains- This is happening right in my own backyard. Making stones from a person's cremated ashes. It is an interesting concept. The colors that different people's stones become. How many stones can be created from a person--- All is so fascinating to me. What do you think of this?

I took Scout out for a walk after my run, and we ran into our neighbor. This is her do, Henry. He is so cute. The breed is the same dog from the Because Of Winn Dixie movie. I recently found out they are moving. :( Yet another friend leaving me!!!

What I'm reading:

The Screwtape Letters- I do a long-distance study with a friend that is ongoing! We decided to study C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters. Sad that I've never read it before. I think it will be enlightening!! I'll let you know!

The Perfect Couple- This is my escape read, read when I'm up at 2am, don't have to think book!! It's pretty good too!!

What I'm listening to:

The Next Right Thing- Our daily decisions make up our lives! This is a short and sweet podcast that shares ideas on decisions and life!! Very positive- I'll take it!!

What room I'm concentrating on cleaning or organizing:

This is a tough one!! My house is such a mess right now. I'm still working in the office. I'm loving these new bookshelves!! I'll write a post about them soon. Because I had so many boxes stored everywhere with the books and things to fill the shelves- I have a mess all over!! Shifting boxes out of a guest bedroom closet means also redoing some things in that closet. It's a snowball (or avalanche) of  STUFF!!!

But I did clean my bathrooms this week!! I'm behind on my Clean Mama schedule which I like to follow!!!

It's sweater weather for Scout!!

How are you choosing life lately? I'd love to hear!!!
September 30, 2019

New Mexico Green Chile Chili- Four Ingredients

The days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are getting cooler here in New Mexico. My favorite thing about fall here is the colors the spring up (or fall down) this time of year. Fall is my favorite season!!!

I've been investing in good quality pots and pans. My son and daughter-in-law gave me this dutch oven to add to my La Creuset pieces. It can be found here:

I had limited groceries the other day and didn't feel like going to the grocery store! A terrible problem that I know all of you can relate to. I looked at what I had and came up with this easy recipe so I thought I'd share!! I call it New Mexico Green Chile Chili ( I still have my Texas roots. A big bowl a chili cures so many ills!!!)

I realize that in Texas, true chili doesn't have beans. But remember, this is New Mexico Chili so I can add beans!!!

Here is what you need: 4 easy ingredients

1 to 1&1/2 Pounds of Hamburger Meat
1/2 - 1 Cup of Green Chilis
1 Can of flavored beans (my favorite come from a great grocery store in Texas call HEB)
1 large baking potato

In a large pan, cook hamburger. While hamburger is cooking, you can put the potato in the microwave so that it doesn't take as long to cook in the chili. (You can decide if you need to do this by your time frame-- and how hungry your family is!!)

Once the hamburger is cooked completely, drain. I also always rinse mine. Add beans and green chiles.  For this dish, I don't drain the beans. The potatoes will soak up some of this flavor. Add as much green chile as you can stand. It adds such a great flavor to this dish.

You too can buy these beans no matter where you live. You can go to the HEB online store to buy all kinds of great products. I always order their coffee. The link to the beans can be found here.

You must use authentic New Mexico chiles!!! Here is a link to the ones I used. Green Chiles.

Cut the potato into cubes and add them to the mixture. Let it sit for a few minutes or up until the potatoes have cooked and are tender.

Serve your family and enjoy!! It's so easy, and the flavors are great!!!

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September 18, 2019

Peak of the Week! 9-18-19

Gives me all the good feels!!
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Happy Happy Peak Of The Week!! I hope it is as beautiful a day where you are as it is in my neck of the woods!!

 Two times tomorrow it will be 9/19/19 9:19.19. Just a random thought!!

I'm home from 2 weeks in Texas. I had such a great time. I saw my family and had so much fun with my mother and sister!! I also saw many of my wonderful friends!! It certainly fed my soul!! Now, Scout and I are back to our routine!!

I'm sharing pictures from my time in Texas along with all things piquing my interest right now!!

I was able to run with a friend who stood (really ran) by my side after losing my husband. She trained with me and ran the New Orleans Marathon with me. I was so sick the day of the race, and I didn't know if I would be able to finish. She had already looked for another marathon for us to run so I could accomplish my dream. Luckily I was able to finish all 26.2 miles. I'll never have to do it again!! :) As I was running way behind her I was thinking, --I've never missed seeing someone's backside the way I miss seeing this backside!!!

Sunrise Run!

She was far ahead of me, but I was just happy to get to run with her again!!

The Coming Death of Just About Every Rock Legend- It really is sad to see so many of the great rockers of my youth dying!!! What will we do when those like Steven Tyler, Paul McCartney or Mick Jagger are gone. I can't imagine it!!!

I came home to find an order from Grove. This is another subscription service that I can customize however I want. All products they sell are good for you, your home, and the planet.  If you use my code below, you will get a 5 piece gift set with your first order. 

Design Mom- I love following Design Mom. I started following her years ago when they lived in France. She also featured me on her blog several years ago. (Here) She has now moved back to France and is doing a series of article on the move, living abroad and all things French!! I love reading about their life there!!

Things in Texas that I miss:

Beautiful Sunsets

I never thought I'd miss cows, but I do.

There were several pregnant cows in the pasture while I was there. I was hoping to get to see some baby calves, but I missed them. My son sent me this video of a baby right after it was born!! So sweet.

Things in my life right now:

I'm loving these pillows from Amazon!!

Can be found here.

What I'm reading: Hillbilly Elegy   I've had this on my Kindle for a long time. It was a top book recommended by Bill Gates and President Obama last year. I started reading it again, and I'm finding it fascinating. It can be found Here.

What room I'm concentrating on for organizing and cleaning: Office
Dr. T is building bookcases for me. We have books all over the house. I'm so ready for this project to be finished so I can get this office organized and styled!! I'm very excited about it. Here is our current situation:

Our couch has become my bookcase!! Hopefully, it will be finished next weekend!!
Podcast I'm obsessing over: S-Town Oh My Goodness!! This is a good one. I binged it while driving the two days it took me to drive home from Texas. I'm still not finished, and I have to listen to find out what happens.

Happy Wednesday!! How are you choosing life today? I'd love to hear from you!!
September 02, 2019

What I Read- and saw the movie!!

I have wanted to read Where'd You Go Bernadette for several years. When I heard the movie was about to come out, I immediately checked it out from the library!!

My "splendor in the grass" read of the summer!!
Book can be purchased HERE.

Where'd You Go Bernadette is a fun, light-hearted read. Can't we all use a book like that right now?
Bernadette Fox is an architect who because of a bad experience in Los Angeles has given up on design and people. She finds herself living in Seattle with her husband and daughter where she doesn't fit in with the other moms at her daughter's school.

After an amusing incident where a mudslide ruins her neighbor's house, Bernadette is confronted by her husband and an intervention "team" which includes an FBI agent who is investigating a Russian group about to steal her identity.

Does it sound crazy yet? Yes, it is!!! It is a crazy and very funny plot that had me turning each page ready for more. The book is creatively written in that the plot is progressed mostly through text messages and emails-- not traditional prose! This concept adds to the fun of the storyline and definitely aids in character development!! It's very fascinating to take it apart and analyze.

Part of the story takes place in Antarctica. I became fascinated with this continent through the author's descriptions. It made me definitely want to learn more about it. It also made me desperate to see the movie so I could see what it looked like. I stayed in my seat through the last credits to learn that they did indeed film parts of the movie there (as well as Greenland).

I always think it's best to read the book before you see the movie, but in this case, I highly recommend it!! You get a much better feel for the characters- especially Bernadette who is so weird and quirky and so so likable!! Also- the movie strays from some fairly significant details of the plot that are fairly predictable in the book.

This was such a fun, easy read. I am a slow reader. When I check out an ebook from the library, I usually have to extend my time to have it checked out. I read this book easily within my two-week time frame-- with days to spare.

What are you waiting for? Find out what happens do Bernadette in this hilarious book!!!

Movie Trailer:

August 30, 2019

What I Wore- Athleisure Wear Subscription!!

Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social occasions. Wikipedia
If you look really closely, you can see Scout running ahead down the trail!

Leave it to the fashion industry to come up with another whole fashion "genre" for me to have to buy!! My joke with my friends is that I mostly wear my yoga pants in this new life I'm living!!! But, I do have to admit that I love athleisure wear!!! It's cute and comfortable.

I have found an excellent subscription service that won't break the bank so I can choose to buy the latest trends in this huge industry. I'm sure most people have heard of Fabletics. It is a subscription service started by actress, Kate Hudson. I have a friend who gets her activewear from it. It's certainly an option.

I have found a different service that I've really had fun buying from.-- Ellie!!

If you set up your account through this link, You will receive 25% off of your first order, and I'll save $10 off of my next order.

These are lined with white fabric- there is no way to see through them!!
I have never been disappointed in anything they have sent. Each month I can change the type of style that I want to receive. I also opted to only receive an order every two months. I can also choose to skip a month whenever I want. It has been so easy and convenient to use this service. 

My most recent order was these camouflage leggings, bra top, and big top. I have gotten so many compliments on them too!

Pockets on each leg and so very comfortable!!

I usually get a small bottom and large top. I like my top to be loose. 

I received this blue outfit in my first order. My friend took these out on a hike when she came to visit.

These views never get old!!

Very Stylish!!
Ellie is $39.95 an order. If you do like me and order every two months, it's only $20.00 a month!! Not bad for good quality workout clothes!! 

If you decide to buy, please use my link!!!

Let me know what you think. Does it make you want to work out when you have cute stuff? I know my answer!!!

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Thanks for stopping by!!!
August 28, 2019

Peak of the Week! 8-28-19

It's not Hump Day! It's the Peak of the Week. Below is a list of things piquing my interest this week!!

South Padre Island, Texas

I spent last week at South Padre Island, Texas. We were invited by friends who have a condo there. It was a great week. We played on the beach all day and ate great meals in the evening!! The best part of the week was seeing Dr. T with some of his lifelong friends!! These guys are all great, successful men who were a blast to be around!!

Notes from Joanna Gaines on Wholeness. I no longer have kids at home, and I no longer work, but this article still spoke to me. Balance/ Wholeness-- is it possible?

Epstein Accuser Urges Prince Andrew to "Come Clean" on Sex Allegations- What a mess. What if it's proven that Prince Andrew was involved? Is a royal above the law? I hope that men are learning valuable lessons here!!!

The Most Charming Small Towns To Visit During The Christmas Season- Who else is working on Christmas plans? I have spoken with several people recently who, because of changes in family dynamics, are not having a traditional Christmas. I think that is wonderful. When we experience the loss of a family member, sometimes the only way to cope is to do something different. Here are some great places to visit!!

The guys went fishing one afternoon and caught their limit of Reds!!

After the harsh winter we had in New Mexico last winter, I'm not even ready for fall, but I am loving these fall sweaters!!

Found Here.

Found Here.

Found Here. Womens Wrap Deep V Neck Sweater Knitted Long Sleeve Loose Sweater brown&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=ur2&linkId=e76efaeb641358bd4426d39c1d00de7d
Found Here
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

We have an extremely busy weekend coming up! I hope you all have a great, relaxing holiday weekend!

August 17, 2019

Kauai, Hawaii- What a Great Trip!

To be sure to see all the videos in this post, you might have to go out to the blog is you receive this post through email or RSS feed. Like HERE.

Kauai, Hawaii-- I even like saying it!! Dr. T had a conference in Hawaii a few weeks ago, so while he worked, I played and played. We had a great time.

I was smitten the minute we landed on the island. The people are friendly and helpful. We stayed at the on Sheraton Poipu Beach. The drive there was even beautiful.

The Sheraton has a full calendar of things to do throughout the day- most are free. I took advantage of a morning yoga class on the beach. Other classes included hula lessons, lei making, surfing lessons, ukelele lessons, and much more! The two things we didn't have time for were surfing lessons for Dr. T and Ukelele lessons for me. There is always next time!

The first day's reception didn't start until the evening so we had the whole day to explore by ourselves. We went up to the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Waimea Canyon. We had a great day. Our first stop was the quaint town of Hanapepe. I fell in love with this little town. We ended up going back again for their art night street fair that they have every Friday night. Highlights of Hanapepe. 

It is known for its Swinging Bridge: I could just picture my kids when they were little having a blast on this bridge!!

We did come back on Friday night to Hanapepe, and I want to share with you here about their Art Night. There are several art galleries in this little town. Each Friday night, they host a street fair. The galleries are open, and there are all kinds of vendors- food and other crafts. We had a good time walking around. 

I loved this Starry Night painted surfboard in one of the gallery windows. 

There are chickens and roosters all over the island- I mean everywhere. More than Key West for sure!!
 My favorite thing about Hanapepe is that The Westernmost Bookstore, Talk Story, is at the end of the main street!! Oh My Goodness- I loved it! They sell new, used, and collector's books plus vinyls! What more do you want? Well- of course, they have a cat named Celeste who runs the place!!


My happy place!!

You can follow Celeste on Instagram

We loved this little town both times!!

We ate a quick lunch at the Kauai Beer Company, and we were off to find Waimea Canyon. 

The first part of our drive in the canyon was beautiful. 

The higher in elevation we got, the more clouds we saw. When we got up to this
beautiful spot to look off over into the ocean, it was cloudy and raining. We decided then that a helicopter ride would be wonderful!

Dr. T had meetings the next morning so I went out on a hike with some friends. Don't ever decline a hike, especially on Kauai! What started off as a plain hike, ended up with this view:

My hiking buddies!

That evening we went to a Luau at Smith's. It is a beautiful place. So much better than a hotel Luau!

I put this picture on Facebook, and a friend of Dr. T's asked why he had a rooster in his pocket! Roosters are everywhere!

It's a beautiful place.

Getting the pig out of the imu. 

We also went on a Sunset Dinner Cruise- Holo Holo Charters at Port Allen. This Cruise was wonderful! Our captain said we went on a perfect day. He was able to take us in caves that in the 5 years he's worked there, he's only been able to go in about 10 times. We were lucky!!

Since Weamia Canyon was so cloudy, we decided to take a helicopter tour to see the island. It did not disappoint. We learned that a helicopter is really the only way to see a good part of the island. We used Sunshine Helicopters. It was an amazing experience!!

Napali Coast

Inside the volcano crater.

We took so many pictures- it's hard to decide which ones to show.

We had a late-night flight to return home so we spent the day driving to the North Shore of Kauai. It is quite different from the southern part where we stayed- much lusher and more crowded. 
We had heard not to miss the lighthouse near Hanalei. It is a national park and a bird reserve. It was beautiful.

All the white specks in the trees are birds. 

Make sure you have the sound on for this. These are how the birds that were down in these bushes sounded. I loved it!!

Another thing fun about the North Shore is all of the one-lane bridges that have to be crossed. 

Traffic was backed up at times.

Very cozy, and added to the charm of the island for sure.

I never travel anywhere with Dr. T that I don't think about my kids! Of course, I want to go back and take them and their spouse/boyfriend with us!! This trip made me think of our trip to Maui that my parents treated us to when my kids were little. One highlight was seeing these signs. 

My kids and nephews call my mother, Nene. They all about died in 1996 when they saw this sign in Maui telling them not to feed the Nenes. It has been a family memory/story ever since. 
It's funny to remember that I took that picture of my mother and kids with a regular camera. Probably just a disposable waterproof camera. I didn't know until I got them developed how they would turn out. There were no retakes to get the perfect shot, plus, these kids were never still- and we are missing a boy. There is no telling where my other nephew is in this shot.

When I saw this sign, I had to take a picture of it and send it to all the kids, my sister, and my mother. They got a big kick out of it, and our group text was full of memories of this trip!!
I ate delicious fish for almost every meal. These are some good place we ate:

One night we ate Italian. The fish here was fresh and delicious. La Spezia

Koloa Old Town is a fun area. We ate at Garden Island Grille one night and listened to live music.

Dukes has a fantastic salad bar and a great view!!

Mariachis had great seafood chimichangas!! 

Here are some outfits I took. I had a few people ask about some of them.

This jumper is at a great price here.

This dress was perfect for the luau. It can be found here.
This is a great shot because it includes a chicken. It is fun to see
them running through parking lots and all around!!

The back on this is open and a little too revealing for the 55-year-old, but I made do!! It can be found here
I bought all of my outfits online, and I feel fortunate that they all fit. 

I can't express the beauty of this island, but the people are just as beautiful as their lovely home. Everyone we met was warm and friendly and made our trip so special!! I'm ready to go back!!

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