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Choose to Live Your Life in Abundance in the after--- after the spouse dies, after the marriage ends, after the kids leave. Join me on my journey of CHOOSING LIFE in my after. This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live- Deut 30:19

April 16, 2018

My Thoughts On Running on this Boston Marathon Day!!

Running... I have had a love/ hate relationship with running for many years. Running isn't easy!! But days like today- the Boston Marathon- I love running. And, really I guess since I started running in my mid-30s, I've always loved running much more than I hated it.

Later in my life, I came to realize that running is a lifesaver in so many ways. It is a lifesaver in that it physically makes you stronger, leaner, healthier. But, after R died, it became a mental and emotional lifesaver for me.

Yes- I can honestly say today that running saved my life. How is that for dramatic? But it is true!!

I was prescribed an antidepressant in the days following R's death by a very well-meaning Dr because I had developed Shingles in my eye. Shingles I found out is closely related to stress. And, I was under a tremendous amount of stress. I'm not against antidepressants. But for me- it just wasn't the right path. I needed something that could help me get through the agonizing days and months that were to come, and I didn't want it to be a drug.

I set out on a road of exhaustion as my drug of choice. Running fits in well with exhaustion!!! Running at 5am with friends definitely helps aid in the exhaustion! And so that is one way that I coped with my grief. For me, it was the healthiest way.

So for many years, running has been my healer. That is why now, I'm missing my runs and am desperately trying to get back into the groove of running.

Days like today help to cement in my mind that I want to run. I will never run Boston, but I can run. I can train and run fun, local races. Boston is the inspiration!!
I bought this shirt shortly after the Boston bombing of 2013. Proceeds went to victims!!

I had just run my first and I'm sure the only marathon in February 2013. Boston was upon us, and I was excited to follow along and cheer those runners on. Then the unimaginable happened. A bomb exploded at the finish line. How could that be?

April is a hard month for me, and that first April waiting for the 29th to dawn was especially hard. I was physically sick before that date. Watching the news and all those hurting people of the bombing was emotionally draining on me.

That next Saturday, one of my great running friends planned a #BostonStrong run for us on a Saturday morning. It was just our way of showing our compassion for what had happened. Once again, we turned to running as a healer!!

I have followed the Boston Marathon every year since. I've had some years where I knew people who were running and that is always fun. This year, the only person I knew running is not a personal friend, but an ex-news anchor from San Anontio, Sarah Lucero. She now how a fitness company. I follow her on social media and have followed her training for today's race.

Today, I tracked her during her bitter cold run!!! She was gracious enough to even put up some videos during the run!!! She had a finish time of 3:57. Not bad, especially considering that the weather was terrible today!! It has been such an inspiration to watch her train and see her results today!!

I'm once again trying to get back into running. I've been doing pretty well with my routine. I take Scout out for a mile walk. I then go out for a three-mile run/walk. I am still struggling with the hills here, but I'm getting better!!

I started this post by saying that I love/hate running, but really I LOVE running. There is no better feeling than the feeling I get after a good fun. I have made so many good friends through running. We always say- what happens on the run, stays on the run. There is something about being out on a run that makes people share their truth- and sometimes the truth in our lives is not good. The running community is a great group! I have met some of the most encouraging and compassionate people that I have ever known. Runners are very inclusive!! They love what they do so much, they just want everyone to feel that way!!!

Running is a perfect picture of life on so many levels. I was just sharing with Dr. T this weekend how much my running life mimics my real life. The idea of "just put one foot in front of the other" speaks volumes in both lives, doesn't it?

Here are some other great running quotes-- Read them and don't think about running. Think about your life...

Aren't those all such good quotes for life!!

Of course, I had to run (and walk) this morning since I knew so many people were miserable out running in the cold, wind, and rain in Boston. I will leave you with some scenes from my run!!

Being out in nature does something for my soul that I can't get anywhere else. I'm so looking forward to nice weather and many more runs!!

I know running isn't for everyone. But, getting out, walking in nature, and soaking up the sun is good for everyone's soul. If you find yourself in a slump, get outside and go for a walk. It cures many ails!!! 
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