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August 22, 2017

My Colonoscopy!!

My Colonoscopy!!

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I know I'm warped, and I've raised two warped kids because we are all Seinfeld freaks-- still after all of these years. I couldn't go through my colonoscopy prep without thinking back to one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes!!

I'm 53. For the past 3 years, I've remembered what my San Antonio gynecologist told me the last time I saw him before I moved to New Mexico. -- He took my hands in his and said, "Sharon, get your colonoscopy. If colon cancer is caught early it is easily cured. If not, just having it will ruin your life." He knew firsthand because his wife had to end her OB/GYN practice because of her colon cancer diagnosis.

Since then, I've unfortunately had several people that I care about diagnosed, and still, I haven't gone yet. When I was back in Texas this summer, I went to the beach for a couple of days with some of my closest friends. Of the four of us, three still hadn't gone in for a colonoscopy. The three of us did a pinky swear that we would schedule ours within a few months. I'm the first!!!

Since getting the appointment, I have been a bit surprised at what the build up to "the day" entails. I thought I would be able to eat my normal diet up until the day before, take the laxative starting that afternoon, and let my body take it from there.

My prep started five days before. I  had to start eating a low fiber diet. I didn't realize what a high fiber diet I do eat until I saw the list of things to avoid for five days.  Here is how the diet went:

Thursday: I ate frosted flakes for breakfast. Usually, I eat a nut bar in yogurt with my coffee. For lunch and dinner, I had macaroni and cheese. I rarely eat mac and cheese, and if I do I would eat spinach or some sort of greens with it along with a protein, but Thursday, it was just mac and cheese.

Friday: I again had Frosted Flakes for breakfast. I met a friend for Chinese Food for lunch. It was a buffet so that helped. I piled my plate with rice, noodles, and chicken. I made sure to leave off any vegetables which normally would have filled my plate. Dr. T and I went to a concert in the park that evening and we normally would grab a burger, hot dog, or Frito pie there, but I can't eat red meat. We ended up running by Sonic and I just got a milkshake-- not too bad.

Saturday- mid morning I made us breakfast tacos. I can eat eggs and cheese so this seemed like a normal meal. I bought a rotisserie chicken for the rest of the weekend. By the chickens, they had pre-made mashed potatoes so I bought those too. I cooked a roast for Dr. T who does not eat chicken!! For dinner, I had chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy.

Sunday- After church, I made a chicken salad sandwich for lunch. For dinner, I had chicken and white rice. Dr. T has teased me that wine is a clear liquid. I didn't drink any wine on Monday- my clear liquid day.

While planning how I was going to survive these 5 days of low fiber meals, I decided that I was going to embrace these days. I love pasta, potatoes, white rice etc, but I don't allow myself to eat them very often. So my Dr. was giving me permission to eat starch, and I was going to embrace those days!!

Monday- I had coffee with no cream and jello for breakfast. I took a friend to Santa Fe for a follow-up Dr. appointment from a surgery she had last week. Luckily, that helped me keep my mind off of not eating solid foods! I really didn't have anything else the rest of the day besides a soda and water. I never really got very hungry so I'm very thankful for that!
We stopped at Camel Rock on our way to Santa Fe to watch the eclipse. It was very overcast, but we were able to see our 72% eclipse!!

Monday afternoon started my true cleanse. I was very nervous about drinking so much of the gunk, but I have to say, it wasn't terrible. I had to drink half of the jug Monday afternoon.  I got up at 4:30 Tuesday morning to finish it off.

I'm happy to report that the colonoscopy is over. I got very good results. And, the best news is that I don't have to do it again for ten more years!!

I don't mean to make light in any way of this very serious subject!!  I know several people whom this disease has devastated. I think Dr. T was shocked that I was will to share something so personal on here, but I really am doing it to encourage others to go have it done. It could quite possibly save your life.  Please let me know if you schedule one!!

                     I'm so grateful for my good report today!! I don't take days like this or news like
this lightly! I'm alive and healthy. I'm so thankful!!!
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