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March 05, 2017

Carry On, Carry On- My Experience Traveling To Europe With Only A Carry On!!

I am not an astute traveler. I don't have a huge amount of travel experience, but I have learned a lot about traveling through my limited travels. I recently traveled abroad to Europe for a quick trip. Since I was only going to be gone a week and wanted to make sure that my suitcase made it with me, I decided to only pack a carry-on. I know that is not a new concept for many, but for me, an over packer, it was a big deal.

I like to mix classic, designer items with fad items that I haven't spent a lot of money on. So I took my designer outerwear paired with my (mostly The Loft) inexpensive pieces, and I don't think my look screamed "TOURIST" as I walked through European cities!!

My outerwear consisted of my Burberry coat and boots and my LV cross body purse.

C bought me this Louis Vuitton purse for Christmas a few years ago. He is a great son!!


 I never really needed snow boots before, I decided to buy a really good pair from Burberry since I'm living in the mountains now. I bought these at Saks while visiting M in NYC last year. 

Most of the rest of my items came from The Loft. I love The Loft for so many reasons. Their styles are up to date and well made. The reason I love The Loft most of all is because of their pricing. I can't find anything I like better for the price. 75% of my closet is Loft purchases.

                         Here are the items I packed and mixing and matching worked out great.

Jeans- 1 pair, leggings- 2 pair, t-shirts- 4, vest- 1, rain boots, tennis shoes, outerwear.
I washed out t-shirts in the sink so I could re-wear them when I wanted.

Leaving the US- Me and my carry on!

I loved these striped T-shirts so much.  I bought two- one has gold designs
on the front. I bought mine at the Loft Outlet in Santa Fe- similar here.

Please excuse the selfies, but I was on my own most days so I was the photographer.

 I know leggings aren't pants, but I loved these faux leather seamed ponte leggings- and yes I wore them as pants. I also wore a cardigan sweater to cover my bum!

It was cold and rainy so I bought this great "rain or shine"
hat made by this beautiful French woman. I love it and plan on wearing it when working
in the yard.

Action shot at a Carhartt store. Being from Texas, I'm used to seeing the classic Carhartt tan jackets on many young men who have been out working on ranches so it was unique to see a shop in a European city!  They had great items when we went in to look!

I bought this scarf while out shopping. It always amazes me how much a good scarf helps at keeping me warm. We were headed back to the states, and I wanted comfort for the long flight. 

I  had room to pack my boots so I was able to wear these great Taos shoes for the flight home. They were the best to travel in. The footbed is removable, and it is oh so comfy!!

A few things to remember if you are a novice traveler:
 1) Be sure to go on the TSA website to be certain of what you can carry on with you.
 2) Be sure to remember the TSA 3-1-1 rules- this will help you with your liquids so be sure to check.
 3) Make sure you take the proper hair styling tools with you. In Scotland a few years ago, my straightening iron was ruined trying to use it with only an adapter. I bought a Revlon 2 in 1 straightener and curling iron which is dual voltage from Amazon. I can't say that it is the greatest hair styling tool that I've ever used, but it was great for travel. It is a curling iron and straightener all in one.  All I had to do was push a button for either one. 

I'd love to hear other advice from people who are more traveled than me!! I was very pleased with only packing a carry-on. It worked out well for me!!

And to all- Safe Travels!
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