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February 07, 2017

Lady Ga Ga and a Lesson at Church

I loved Lady GaGa's Superbowl performance! I love that she started the show with patriotic music. I love that she told everyone she wanted to make us feel good. I LOVE that she said "Hi" to her mom and dad in the middle of her performance. I thought it was such a classy performance when there had been such speculation as to what exactly she would do, and it she would try to make a political statement during her performance. I wasn't surprised because she did such a class act job with our national anthem last year.

I will admit, I noticed a small "roll" on her stomach during her performance. I didn't think of it as being "fat" but instead, I thought that she should have had a better fitting with her outfit. It seemed as if it hit her at a really bad spot and made a "roll" appear. That was a brief thought that I had, and then I went back to enjoying the show!

To my dismay, I learned later that many people were critical of how she looked. Twitter was all a twitter with some saying she had a beer belly!  Really?? Did people really go there? Yes, they did. Only a few other performers could have put on the show that she did, and people are going to criticize.

 It is so easy to sit behind your phone or computer screen and tear someone down.

Oh wait- how many times have we heard that lately? For me?-- I just heard it at church that morning. Our pastor had a great sermon on encouragement. He used this story to make a point.

-- A church needed to remodel their sanctuary. It was 35 years old and they had never done any remodeling so it was in great need. The pastor got anyone who wanted to come in to help with the demolition. Different church members came, and without knowing anything about construction, began tearing out the carpet, tearing up the sheetrock, and completely gutting the inside of the sanctuary. He told them that it would be fine for him to tear out the sheetrock, but they sure wouldn't want him to help hang the sheetrock-- that takes a special skill.  It doesn't take any skill to tear it down, but putting it up is a different story.

Wow- what a lesson. It doesn't take any special skill to tear someone down. Anyone can do that. But it does take special skill and love for someone to lift them up.

Isnt' that a great analogy? I wish I had thought of it when I was raising my kids. It could have come in handy the times that they were hurt by words, or the times that I know they hurt others with their words.

So- I pretty confident that Lady Gaga won't let the negative change her day! I think she has more confidence in herself than to let it tear her down. Unfortunately, not all of us are Lady Gaga, and the truth is that words hurt- no matter how old and no matter how much life experience we have.

And by the way, I've always liked Lady Gaga's music, but after her halftime performance, she has gained a new fan. I really like her!!
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