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January 31, 2017

Tuesday Technology Tip- Two Great Google Chrome Extensions!!

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When I was a school librarian, the library staff always shared technology tips every week called Tuesday Tip. I still like to keep up with technology- especially for schools. I no longer have teachers with whom to share so I will share on the blog!!
You can see all the tabs I have open at any given time!!

I LOVE Google. I love everything about GOOGLE. I use a Chromebook most of the time and usually have anywhere from 10-20 tabs open. I like the ability to go back and forth quickly from one website to another. However, two things that I love were slowing down my Chromebook. Grammarly and having all of those tabs open were not good with my need for speed while browsing the web and doing research!!

ENTER- The Great Suspender  It is an extension for Chrome that allows the user to decide how much time they want a tab to still be usable before it is suspended when not being used. I have mine set for a few minutes. When I go back to the tab, all I do is click the refresh button and the website is up and ready for use. While it is suspended, it doesn't use up any power from your machine. I'm sure this can be found on other Browsers, but like I said, I love Chrome.

The other great resource that I use with Chrome is Grammarly. Grammarly checks my spelling on any webpage that I happen to find myself, and helps easily correct any mistakes that are made. I have loved using it, but did find that it slowed down my Chromebook. I'm just now using it along with The Great Suspender so we will see how things progress

Oh, and Thanks to my daughter M for telling me about The Great Suspender!!  It has made a huge difference. She says that many people at her work use it!!
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