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Choose to Live Your Life in Abundance in the after--- after the spouse dies, after the marriage ends, after the kids leave. Join me on my journey of CHOOSING LIFE in my after. This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live- Deut 30:19

December 28, 2016

What I learned December 2016

1.  People who market shampoos and conditioners are not very smart. If advertising/ marketing is still geared towards baby boomers (of which I am a part- born 1964 so I barely make it in), they should know to have the words SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER written in large letters. I don't take my reading glasses into the shower. I'm sure I look hilarious trying to figure out which bottle is which!!! Please marketers-- Do Something About This!

2.  It is my husband's job to tell me if I have a chin hair that needs to be plucked.  I don't like coming home to my 10X magnification makeup mirror to find that I have a wild hair on my chin.  He knew he was marrying a 50ish woman when he married me.  He should have known that it comes with the territory!!

3.  On a much more serious note, I've learned that grief will be with me forever. It isn't the same as it was in those early years, but the ache of loss is still deep in my soul. The whisper of "he's not here" is always faint in my mind.

4.  Pets cure a thousand ills. I got my little Scout over the Thanksgiving holidays so he has been with me in New Mexico. He has brought so much joy to me and Dr. T!!  We have laughed about the things he does and how he reacts to us. He has been so much fun. I have had a skip to my step this season and it is so nice to have a bit of it back. I've listened to Christmas music, baked some treats, and watch Hallmark Christmas movies. Things I haven't done in 5 years!!!

Dr T and Scout

6. I love my husband. Dr T supports me on so many levels. He listens to my feelings about this time of year and understands. He listens and tells me what he thinks or just listens to me and hugs me. I love him so much for that. My soul deeply loves his soul, and that is a wonderful love!!
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