Things that piqued my interest lately- On this Peak Of The Week!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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It's the Peak of the Week! Here are some things that have piqued my interest lately! 

Loving this big, beautiful moon!!

From OprahFormer National Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera has a pep talk for those who are feeling stalled in life. Great advice as we start a new year!!

Also from Oprah -Such great lessons. I love Oprah!!

 I've always loved the notion of my children knowing who they are. I feel that is one of my greatest successes-- something that their dad and I did helped them establish a great knowledge of who they are. Both C and M have a deep sense of who they are which I truly believe comes from their faith! It has served them both well!

Understanding Dementia- So many of us are dealing with a loved one suffering from dementia. I loved this explanation of the disease.

39 Fun things to ask Amazon Echo- I'm interested in this mostly because M got Dr.T one of these for Christmas. We can't wait to set it up and start using it. 

So many people shared this video from SNL around Christmas, but I can't talk about Alexa without thinking of it. 
It makes me smile!!

Here is the link if the video doesn't embed correctly. 

7 Simple Ways To Read More This Year-  Since reading more is one of my goals this year, this article was important to me. This is one goal that I really hope I attain, and I'm going to try some of these suggestions to see if they help. 

I'm trying to get a lot done today! I hope your day is going as planned!! Happy Peak Of The Week!