Airing My Dirty Pantry

Friday, November 17, 2017

A Place For Everything And Everything In It's Place

I really do believe this quote. I especially believed it when my kids were young. My house wasn't messy, but it certainly wasn't perfect when they were little. I always tried to find the balance of a tidy home and a fun life for all of us. But, I'm in a very different stage of life now. I was in the process of organizing all the pictures, newspaper clippings, report card etc of their childhoods that had been thrown into plastic bins in our hurried lives of raising kids when R passed away. After his passing, it was too difficult to deal with all those memories. Now that I'm in a better place emotionally, I feel ready to take on all those mementos.  

I am trying to be better organized! I organize areas in the New Mexico house and when I travel back to Texas, I try to spend some of my time there organizing. This past week, I organized the medicine cabinet and my bathroom cabinets in Texas. I feel so much better!!!

Before I left for my trip back to Texas, I worked on cleaning my pantry at the house in New Mexico. I had organized the pantry a few times, but I discovered that without baskets or bins to use in organizing, nothing stayed straight. It had really gotten out of hand when I decided I had to do something to keep it organized!!

I ordered these wire baskets from LTD Commodities. I also used other baskets that I found at Tuesday Morning. They all made a huge difference.

These are the before pictures of the pantry.

And here are the afters:

It is amazing how something as simple as an organized pantry can change how you feel, but it does!! I'm ready to tackle more!!  What I'm finding that for me when I have a space organized I won't buy more because I have nowhere to put it!! Now I just need to have that attitude in my closet! Why is clothes shopping so much fun???

I'm eager to find more organizing tips!! One of my goals for the new year is a completely organized home!! What are some of your best organizing strategies?