Paris Can Wait

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I can't wait to see Paris Can Wait!!

When I saw that this movie was coming out, I remembered the night that R, M, and I went to see Midnight In Paris.  Molly and I loved it. R was OK with it. But we all came away saying-- "OK, we are going to Paris." Unfortunately, R passed away before we could go, but the kids and I went on that trip. It was wonderful, magical, and very bittersweet. I will never forget the beauty of that city juxtaposed against my broken heart while we were there!!

If you haven't seen Midnight In Paris, I highly recommend that you read Hemingway's A Moveable Feast, and then see the movie. Understanding Hemingway's Paris years will enhance the movie a bit!!

But back to Paris Can Wait!!!
After a going on a Vinyard tour last year during a quick trip to France and seeing the beautiful French countryside from our tour van, I want to see the Paris countryside in this movie. I want to see the food that they eat! I want to vicariously experience the travel, food, adventure found in this movie!!  I think it will be the greatest escape. I know I will walk away saying, "OK, we are going back to France." Paris is great, but I think driving across the French countryside would be a great adventure!!

Paris Can Wait take me away!!!

If you have seen Midnight In Paris or Paris Can Wait, let me know what you think of them!!