Peak of the Week- Things that piqued my interest this week

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy Wednesday. It's the Peak of the Week!!  It's all downhill from here!

Here are some things that have piqued my interest this week.

1.  Best Marriage advice from a divorced woman --  I thought this was a good list. So many things that I saw I did in my first marriage that I certainly don't want to repeat in my second. Age brings wisdom and I'm so glad that I've learned from past experience and don't want to repeat those mistakes or negative actions that I made with R.

2.  Giant Peg Board-- Many people have a large wall somewhere in their house. I think this could definitely take the place of bookshelves! I love the look.

3.  Floor made out of pennies-- Not sure if this is legal, but it sure looks cool! I'm wondering if the resin being so glossy would show every shoe print etc. I'd love to see it after it has had kids walk on it all day!!