Awww To Be A Cow!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

I am back in Texas visiting my parents for about a week.  It is always fun to come and stay with them.  Even at 80 and 81, they are on the go!!  Yesterday was a "Stay at home Day."  I tend to get a little stir crazy so yesterday morning, I went for a run (well more like a run/ walk).  If I leave my parents' house and run across the pasture, past several tanks, and up to the top of "the hill", by the time I get back to their house, I've gone almost 3 miles.

So I set out yesterday even though it was chilly and very windy.  I met up with my dad's cousin Gene out feeding his cows and ran on past the tanks.  Once I got to the top,  I always stop, pause, and reflect.  I have prayed so many prayers at the top of that hill over the past 4 years.  I ran that same route so many times when I came here as I was training for my marathon three years ago.  My ritual at the top is to take it all in and look at the beauty.  I love being at the same spot for different seasons and seeing how vastly different the same place can look.  I always pray at the top of that hill.  Even right after I lost R, I was able to pray and thank God for my life.  I especially thanked God for Dr T and what he means in my life.

After my respite and reflection, I started back towards the house.  When I got back to the area in the pasture where the cows are, Gene was gone.  The cows were very curious as to what I was doing!!  The calves were so sweet and cute!!!  I took several pictures of them and as I was watching them, I was reminded of a time that I and my bff Laura were headed off for a run together.  My house in Texas sits on about 30 acres in the middle of town.  We have a dirt road that goes along our pasture.  We have never had our own cattle, but someone has always leased the land for cattle.  That particular day, the cows were all close to the fence where we were walking.  We started talking about the life of a cow!!!

How great would it be to be a cow!!!
-You get to lay around all day
-You get to eat all day.
-The fatter you are the better men think you look!!  (That is my favorite one of all ha ha)

What else could we add to the list for the lucky life of a cow???