AWWWWW Being 50ish

Monday, September 14, 2015

I really love being 50ish.  I have heard from "older women" all my life that when you make it to your fifties, you don't care what others think.  You feel a freedom that allows you to live your life just as you want to live it.  I really wish I would have felt this way when I was a younger woman.  If I could pass this on to my daughter, that would be a wonderful thing.
I met a woman today who drained me of all energy that I had.  She asked me all kinds of questions about my husband's job.  She wanted to know his "position."  She wanted to know where my children went to college.  She let me know that there was no way her kids would have gone to college in Texas-  after she found out that mine both graduated from Texas A&M.  She tried to find out where I live, but I wouldn't give that up easily.  I told her a general area and was going to make her ask specifically-- luckily she didn't go that far.  I thought to myself, "I don't f___ing care what graduate degree your husband has."  "I don't f___ing care where your husband travels for work."
Is it because I have experienced the death of my husband?- which totally changed my perspective on everything in life.  Or is it because I'm 51?  Death does change what one cares about.  I don't care about the clothes that you wear anymore-  I care about your heart.

Ha ha- but I do still care about clothes!!!  My wonderful husband took me to Aspen, Co for the weekend this past weekend.  We had so much fun.  Neither one of us had ever been so it was a great way to create a new memory!!!  I loved Aspen.  I bought a coat at Burberry where I was treated like a queen by the sales woman.  I love to be treated like that!!!

I also love being 50ish and not caring what anyone thinks of me.  I am going to live my life how I want.  Life is way too short not to.