New Beginning

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I really started a new beginning today.  I left a job as librarian at my middle school campus when I left Texas.  I had been there almost 20 years.  Today I started a new beginning.  I did a 2 hour observation at the middle school here.  It is quite different from the school I came from.  I observed a classical languages class as well as an intro to Latin!!  Everyone I met was extremely nice.  I have an elementary observation and a high school one left to do so I can start subbing at the schools here.

It is a strange feeling to be a new person.  I feel the same on the inside, but have to remember to say my new last name!!!  ha ha-- just a strange feeling.

My daughter is doing well and will begin looking for new apartments this afternoon.  I feel better about her and know that she will be fine.  I was just hoping that she would be settled for another year and not have to worry with a move.

I'm sorry to say that I didn't end up running yesterday!  I was really thrown for a loop by my mood and just stayed inside all day.  Grief is a weird companion and it was with me all day yesterday.  I just gave in and gave myself a break to stay home.  It is a toss up as to what is the best way to handle grief.  I always believe that getting out and running- or any type of exercise- is better than doing nothing, but sometimes you just need to rest.  I think that is what I needed yesterday.  I've promised myself that I'll get back!!