Fall-2018 The only thing piquing my interest this week!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

One thing really piqued my interest this week- Fall Colors!! The New Mexico mountains are full of beautiful fall colors. It has really cooled off, and my hummingbirds have all left so I'm ready for a change of season.

I wasn't going to decorate very much this fall but got inspired when I watched a friend's little boy one morning and we talked about pumpkins!! One of my new mantras is "I better do it because I CAN"!!!

I have to say that a big help to me while getting out my decorations was one of my new favorite things- a collapsible basket!! I found it at my local grocery store and now don't know how I got by without it. From laundry to moving things as I organize, this Pop and Load basket has come in handy!! I collapse it for easy storage when I'm not using it.

This  Pop and Load basket was a huge help in getting out my fall decorations.

The dark grey section collapses so you can see that it is really thin for storage.

Here is a glimpse of my fall decor'.

Serving cart belonged to Dr. T's grandmother.

My Parents gave me this butcher block. It is my favorite thing in my kitchen.

Fall mantel. Dr. T painted that picture when he was a boy.

Sunsets have been beautiful lately!!

My view from downtown. photo from Los Alamos Daily Post

Peak Of The Week-Things That Piqued My Interest 9-12-18

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A recent sunset at our house!!!

There seems to be a theme this week--- BOOKS!!!

What We Lose When Hymnbooks Disappear - An interesting read about the importance of the physical hymnbook. I don't care as much about hymnbooks disappearing as I do about hymns in general disappearing!!! I love to sing old hymns. It brings a great sense of peace to my life as well as a storehouse of memories of singing hymns with my family as a young girl!!!

What Your Roommate's Favorite Book Says About Him - With school starting back up, this is a cute article about how to know more about your roommate!!! I just found some of my favorite books to see what it says about the people who like them!!!

The Great American Read - Meredith Vieira hosts a show on PBS about The Great American Read. There is a list of 100 best books. Everyone is encouraged to vote on their all-time favorite book!! Of course, you know I voted for To Kill  A Mockingbird!!   It is a great book list!!! I'm a little late to the party on this as everyone was encouraged to read books off of this list over the summer, but voting goes through mid-October!! See how many books on the list you've read and be sure to vote for your favorite!!!

Why Reading Books Should Be Your Priority - I can't imagine a life without books!! I have loved books my entire life. I owe so much to both of my parents who are true lovers of books and reading!!! According to this article, 26% of adults admit that they haven't read even part of a book in the past year!!! This article gives good reasons to pick up a book!!!

With all of this talk about books, What are you reading right now?

I just finished When Life Gives You Lululemons -- nothing earth-shattering. I am working on a post about a memoir I recently finished that I think you might enjoy!!!

Happy Reading!! And of course, Happy Peak Of The Week!!!