It's The Peak Of The Week! 11-14-18

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

We started our week off with a beautiful snow. I thought I would share some views of my world on this PEAK OF THE WEEK!! I'm also sharing some things that piqued my interest this week!

Dan Crenshaw and SNL- Finally a story where someone says something "offensive" and no one goes bat s**t crazy over it!! Such lessons to be learned from this. Can we please all have a new start in 2019 and stop the HATE? I don't think I can take much more of it.

** Watch how you talk to people at home, at school, at work, and out in the community. Watch what you post on social media. Think about the negativity you are spreading before you share a post or a thought!!

Flu Shot- It's still not too late to get your flu shot. Here is an easy to follow lesson on how the flu shot comes about each year and how it works!!

The Secret To Keeping Your House Clean Most Of The Time- Of course, we all know that the secret to keeping a house clean is to hire a cleaning lady!!! I have had wonderful cleaning ladies over the years. But, honestly, I don't work outside the home now so I need to appreciate that there is a way to have a home that I enjoy without slaving too much. I enjoy following Clean Mama!! She has a great plan for homekeeping and I honestly do try to follow her plan. Life seems to get in the way much of the time, but she has some great ideas!!

It was such a cozy day inside! As it came time for us to go out and go sledding, I started thinking about just staying in, but I reminded myself that #imalive and that I needed to do it #becauseican and out we went!!

Dr. Hotze-  The Hotze Health & Wellness Center is in Houston, Texas. Dr. Hotze believes in natural treatments for what ails us. I have started listening to his podcasts when we travel. Dr. T even listened to his podcast titled "6 Things Men Should Know About Women's Hormones."
                    Of course, like anything else, check with your Dr. after listening, but I do feel like I have learned so much. His way of thinking is very similar to how I have viewed my health for years. I love learning about how different vitamins affect my body!! I highly recommend his podcast "Vitamin C: Why is it so important?" I learned so much!!!

What I Wore- to a recent wedding

Friday, November 9, 2018

Dr. T and I spent last weekend celebrating another wedding!! Many of the weddings we have gone to are for young people that I have had the pleasure of watching grow up!! This time it was a young woman who Dr. T had the joy of seeing grow up. He is actually her Godfather so that relationship is extra special.

Here is what I wore:

fashion over 50

I found this jumpsuit at Francesca's. I love the wide-legged pants on this! The lace top is beautiful!! I can't find this jumpsuit on the website, but I found these others that will be great for holiday parties.

This outfit is very similar to what I wore except the back has a criss/ cross. I wouldn't wear this, but it would be very cute on a young woman!! It can be found here.

This is another adorable jumpsuit. I love the wide legs and the fact that it is velvet makes it perfect for holiday parties!! It can be found here

fashion over 50

what to wear, fashion over 50

what to wear to a wedding

You don't have to break the bank to find something fun and festive to wear to a wedding or holiday party. It just takes some conscious looking!!

I know I have many followers who live in New Mexico. There is a new Francesca's at the Santa Fe mall. Be sure to go by and check out what they have!! I got some really good deals the day I was there.

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