What I Wore- Wednesday Night Church

Friday, April 21, 2017

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Since I don't work outside the home in my new life, I don't really "dress" every day. Even when I am going somewhere, life is so casual these days that I wear jeans a lot! I wear jeans quite a bit to church on Wednesday evenings, but as I looked in my closet on Wednesday afternoon to decide what to wear, I thought I'd wear something comfy and cute!!

You can't get any more comfortable than these pants from The Loft. similar and similar

I also love this top with the feminine ruffle at the bottom! similar

I love this bag which my sister gave me. It is a Guess bag, but here is a similar bag.

When I was a librarian, I went to technology and library conferences every year. Both conferences have large exhibit floors with many vendors. Some of those vendors happen to be clothing, shoes, jewelry... my dear friend Claire always called it the "crap aisle" when we were deciding where to go at the exhibits. It was always a nice break from being "infowhelmed" to go to the "crap aisle."  Several vendors sold Yellowbox shoes, and that is where I got these. I loved wearing Yellowbox when I worked at school. They are inexpensive and very comfortable to wear all day!!
These shoes are similar to mine.
I also found these shoes that I think are great for summer!!

                       I found all of these styles at zappos

It's Wednesday- The Peak of the Week!! This one item really piqued my interest this week. It needs to stand on its own.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It's Wednesday-- The Peak Of The Week!!
Only one thing is worthy of being featured this week!!

                                                               Click to view video

I sometimes forget what women before me have had to endure. I realized once again how women have had to fight to equal this week at the Boston Marathon. 50 years ago the first woman ran it, and Monday at age 70, she ran it again.

It is hard to believe that in my lifetime, a race official tried to keep a woman off the course!! I'm so thankful for strong women who have gone before me and paved the way in so many areas of life. How brave she was to do this all those years ago, and how brave she was to train for and run Boston at age 70.

I'm so proud to know two young women who ran it this year!!

I hope I am brave enough and strong enough at age 70 to do something like this!!