What I Wore- Brunch!

Friday, May 26, 2017

I don't have many friends here. I miss my great friends in Texas tremendously!! I miss the things we did together- running, beach trips, church, pool time, AND getting together every Thursday afternoon for snacks and wine.

For years I along with two great friends got together every Thursday afternoon to eat and share a bottle of wine! We often joked that we did it to "talk about our daughters." - which many times we did. But we have also talked, laughed and cried about what was going on in our lives on many occasions! Those Thursday afternoons together never meant more to me than they did after R passed away! That simple "normal" activity helped me heal in so many ways! I miss my friends soooo much!!

There is just something about getting together with other women to talk about life in general that is so enjoyable! So I was very excited when I was invited to a brunch for women who attend classes at the local Y. I have come to really enjoy seeing the women that I have gotten to know here at the classes.  We all have a  goal of being healthy so that is a great commonality to share!

I luckily had time to go home after a class and get cleaned up before the brunch!  Here is what I wore:

Blouse- Shein, Jeans- H&M (similar)

I am 10 pounds heavier this spring than I was last spring! I guess I hibernated a little too much this winter. But I am really watching my diet and have committed to correctly train for a half marathon that I'd like to run in September so I hope to get the weight off!! My goal at this stage in life is to be healthy- this extra weight does not make me feel healthy!!

It was really fun to see these women that I've gotten to know away from our exercise class. The women that I've met here are all very accomplished. Most are from various places all over the globe which adds a unique dynamic to knowing them. It is interesting to see the the different opinions about Texas when they find out where I'm from. (some are not very kind) But, I'm proud to be from Texas!! I just try to always show that great Texas kindness and friendliness no matter what has been said to me!!

It's Wednesday!! A list of things that piqued my interest on this Peak Of The Week!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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Summer Reading 
When I worked as a middle school librarian, I learned so much from an organization called TCEA- Texas Computer Educator Association. They have put out this summer reading guide with some great resources for students.

Adult Summer Reading
One of my favorite blogs, Modern Mrs. Darcy has released her picks for summer reading!! Let me know if you are reading any of them.

I guess I have a reading theme going on this week!

I found out on Tuesday that a sweet friend from college passed away. She had been suffering from cancer. She was a year ahead of me in my sorority, and she always stood out. She was sweet and always fun to be around. I feel so sorry for her husband and children!
I came across this list of an updated bibliography of books about loss and grief so in loving memory of Shannon, here it is. I hope it can help others!! Grief Bibliography 

Bill Gates' Summer Reading List - Pretty self-explanatory. I always like to see what people like Gates read!

Kids don't want parents stuff
I find it so interesting that millennials live so differently than my generation and older! I see it in the blogs I read as well as in my own children. I think that my kids will want some of the things that were important to my family. I know all too well thought that it really is just "stuff."

Have a great ending to your week!! I hope these links give you something to think about!